The Skin Protection Company Ltd
The Skin Protection Company have been exclusive importers of one of the world’s most successful industrial skin care ranges “pr” for over 20 years and are well established skin protection cream providers for all the occupational health industries.

The range of “pr” skin care products is manufactured in Germany by Ursula Rath GmbH & Co. since 1965. “pr” products are specialist skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care creams and lotions which prevent contact with skin damaging substances and reduce the risk of skin disease.

The “pr” skincare range is extensively used in all industrial working environments and has been continuously developed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of industries and protection from a large range of substances including Mineral Oils and Adhesives to Organic Solvents, Alcohols, Cement, Resins, Paints, Alkalis, Fuels & Cleaning Agents. This means that whatever trade you are in, your skin will be very well protected. Our creams protect workers hands like an invisible glove and guard against those compounds which can cause chapping, cracking, bleeding and general skin damage.

The “pr” skincare range is used worldwide. Well-known skin care products and skin protection creams include:
pr88, pr99, pr, pr2000, prClean, prClean L, prClean plus, prClean R, prDry Hands, prFacial Protection and prUV.

The “pr” product range provides excellent skin care, skin cleansing and skin protection for everyday use.

As well as having a comprehensive range of industrial hand cleaners, liquid soap and skin care products, we also provide a wide range of dispensers to suit all needs. The pr-dispensers and dosing systems facilitate use, economise through metered dosage and improve hygienic conditions.

If you are looking for a Skin Protection Programme or products for your work place or at home and have specific requirements you need advice on, please feel free to contact us when we will be happy to assist you and provide you an effective solution.

Skin Protection
Special skin care products such as pr88 and pr99 can help protect the user’s skin, for instance a barrier cream can act as excellent hand protection.
Skin Cleansing
The mildest possible skin cleanser suitable for the job should be picked to minimise the effective damage to the skin, pr2000 is the perfect skin cleanser.
Skin Care
"pr" skin care products help preserve the skins natural protective oils.Our skin care products help to prevent skin disease and relieve eczema.