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  pr2000-skin care lotion pr2000 skin care lotion  
Hand and body care Hand and body care low fat content
    Product description
Skin care lotion (type O/W emulsion), rich in active ingredients, smooth, easily spreadable and highly absorbing, with the active ingredients vitamin E-acetate, vitamin F-glycerinester, dexpanthenol and alpha-bisabolol as well as refatting and moisture regulating components. Slightly perfumed and un-perfumed.

Field of application
For the regular care of your hands, face and entire body, suitable for all types of skin.

If more refatting is necessary, for the care of very dry or severely degreased skin, we recommend pr99.

Refatting and moisture regulation of the skin. Supports the regeneration of industrially stressed skin and strengthens its natural protective function.

Usage and dosage
After cleansing the skin, use for face, hands and entire body care.

For hands and face: approx. 0.5 - 1 ml respectively.

Container sizes
100 ml bottles
1 litre standard bottles

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