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  pr88 Skin Protection Cream pr88 Skin Protection Cream  
Skin protection cream Skin protection cream
for oily, greasy working areas for oily, greasy working areas and
heavy soiling
    Product description
Skin protection cream (type O/W emulsion), water-soluble, structural viscous, non-oily, protects in the oily, greasy working area and when exposed to heavy soiling. With proper dosage, it will leave no finger prints.

Contains no preservatives or silicones.

1. Rub in before work
2. Work
3. After work rinse skin with a small amount of water, the dirt is washed-off together with pr88

Field of application
Protects the skin when working with oil, grease, paint, lacquer, tar, adhesives, resins, fibre-glass, polyester, silicone compounds, PU-adhesives, soot, dust, etc.

When applied to the skin, pr88 forms a dry, elastic and strong protective film as an effective contact barrier between the skin and working substances. The tenside content of the protective film makes it possible to rinse away the dirt simply with water alone after work has been completed. PR88 protects against the need to use improper skin cleansers, one of the main causes of skin damage. The skin functions (e.g. breathing, giving off of moisture, sensing) are not affected.

Usage and dosage
Before work as well as after washing your hands or contact with water.
Dosage: 2 - 3 ml per application.

Container sizes
100 ml tins
1 litre cans
1.6 litre dispenser cartridges
10 litre buckets

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