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Skin protection lotion Skin lotion
for moist & wet working areas for use in moist and wet working areas
Skin care lotion Skin care lotion, high fat content
    Product description
Skin protection lotion (type W/O emulsion), water-insoluble, oily, medium viscous, spreads easily, with vitamin E-acetate.

For the protection of skin against water and water-mixed systems.


Slightly perfumed or if required, un-perfumed.

Field of application
Protects the skin when working with oil, grease, paint, lacquer, tar, adhesives, resins, fibre-glass, polyester, silicone compounds, PU-adhesives, soot, dust, etc.

In wet and moist working areas, pr99 protects against water and water-mixed systems, e.g. cooling lubricants, washing and cleansing solutions, moist contaminants, concrete, mortar, when gardening, in food industry, in nursing (homes/hospitals).

It can also be used as care for dry or severely degreased skin after work.

pr99 makes the skin resistant against water and water-mixed systems and the hydrophilic substances contained within due to the good absorbing and adhering oil/fat combination.

Usage and dosage
Rub into clean, dry hands before work, and also as needed, during and after work breaks. Dosage: approx. 0.5 - 1 ml.

Container sizes
100 ml bottles
1 litre standard bottles

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