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  prClean R skin cleanser prClean R skin cleanser  
Skin Cleanser - containing abrasives Cleanser - containing abrasives
    Product description
Skin cleanser, containing abrasives, pumpable, Alkaline-free syndet with fine polyurethane meal and anionic surfactants, re-moisturizing, mildly preserved. Contains no solvents.

Field of application
To remove very greasy/fatty and oily substances in workshops in industry and craft, maintenance and repair departments and wherever stubborn, deeply engrained dirt can only be removed with the support of abrasives.

Dissolving and emulsifying of dirt by means of surfactants, which are mild to the skin and exploitation of the cleansing effect of the abrasives. Improvement of skin compatibility by means of re-moisturizing agents, by using mild preservatives.

Usage and dosage
After work, apply 2 - 3 ml prClean R to your dry or wet skin and massage in thoroughly until dirt has loosened.
Wash your hands with the gradual addition of water, rinse and dry

Container sizes
1 litre standard bottles
2.5 litre standard bottles
5 litre canisters

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