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  prDry Hands Skin Protection Gel prDry Skin Gel  
Skin protection lotion Skin Gel
for wet working areas For use with or without protective gloves, wet working areas or when exposed to extra stress.
    Product description
Skin protection gel (type fat-free hydro gel) with an innovative combination of two active ingredients providing a skin firming and sweat reducing effect.

No fragrances, no preservatives.

Field of application
When wearing airtight protective gloves (latex, nitril, rubber etc.), boots, industrial footwear.
For use in wet and moist working areas.
When the skin is exposed to dangerous stimuli (e.g. fibreglass and dust).
To prevent fingerprints.

Perspiration under airtight conditions can create a build up of moisture and wetness. The skin softens, swells and loses both its mechanical strength and its natural role as a barrier.

prDry Hands reduces formation of sweat and works against softening of the skin.

prDry Hands protects and hardens the skin when it is exposed to dangerous stimuli and moist working areas.

prDry Hands gently inhibits any inflammation and hinders the excessive growth of germs.

Usage and dosage
Depending on exposure, apply 1 - 2 times daily on dry, clean skin and rub well in until, after about 30 seconds, the skin feels dry. The efficacy of prDry Hands does not fully develop at first application. It increases, when used daily, in the first 3 - 4 days, and remains thereafter at the same level.
Dosage: 0.5 - 1 ml.

Container sizes
100 ml-bottles
1 litre standard bottles

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