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Skin protection lotion Skin Protection Cream
when exposed to UV-radiation water-resistant protects from lacquer hazes during lacquering jobs
    Product description
High fat content, viscous, white W/O emulsion based on an exceptional skin friendly combination of good absorbing and covering lipid working components.

Silicon-free, lightly perfumed and preserved.

Field of application
As a facial protection for personnel working with sprays, prFacial protection prevents colour/lacquer mist from sticking to the skin. Lacquer and cream can be removed with a wipe.

Further use:
Protection in wet and humid working areas.
Also used for skin care where high fat content is required (chapped, dry skin, cold protection cream).

A cream with high fat content and very good skin tolerance with a separating film that prevents colour and lacquer mists from sticking to the skin. It makes the skin water repellent, retains skin moisture and skin suppleness and prevents roughness and chapping of the skin.

Usage and dosage
Always use on clean and dry skin. Rub in lightly and evenly as a facial protection against colour/lacquer hazes. Carefully massage it in as a protection in wet or moist working conditions as well as for care where a high fat content is required.

For face and hands: approx. 0,5 ml respectively.

Container sizes
325 ml can

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