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  prClean plus skin cleanser prClean plus skin cleanser  
Skin Cleanser - gentle to the skin Cleanser - gentle to the skin
    Product description
Skin cleanser, gentle, fluid, for moderately dirty skin. Alkaline-free syndet with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, re-moisturizing, mildly preserved. Contains no solvents and abrasives.

Available lightly perfumed or un-perfumed.

Field of application
For moderately and especially greasy skin, generally for workshops in trade and industry.

Dissolving and emulsifying of dirt through gentle surfactants. Support of gentle skin-preserving effects through re-moisturizing and skin caring components.

Usage and dosage
After work, apply 2 - 3 ml prClean plus to dry hands and rub in well. Gradually adding water, wash clean, rinse and dry.

For resistant soiling, repeat procedure or select prClean R.

Container sizes
1 litre standard bottles
2.5 litre standard bottles
5 litre canisters

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